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Our goal is to improve patient care and the best people to tell you about our track record are patients themselves. Read excerpts below from letters and cards we’ve received from patients and their families or for more in-depth patient stories and photos click below. You can also share your own story about your experience at Lions Gate Hospital. Just click the button below – we’d love to hear from you.

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“I write this note of gratitude for the wonderful care I received at Lions Gate Hospital. In the news media we often hear of health care system delays and problems. My experience was the opposite. My care was timely, professional and compassionate. It was in fact “care”. I arrived at the emergency ward around 9 am on a Wednesday morning in June 2016. I was immediately seen by the triage nurse and brought into the department within minutes. There was no wait to be seen by the nurse and then the doctor. Within hours, I was given a CT scan and my diagnosis was made. Within weeks I underwent a biopsy and then surgery. There was no delay. Everyone I encountered, from the emergency staff, the diagnostic staff, volunteers, and the nursing staff, were wonderful. I cannot say enough about the care and concern I received from Drs. Chow and Crofts. I am grateful to have such an amazing local hospital.”
~ Karen R.

“This fall, I had a total knee replacement at LGH and I want to take a minute to say “Thanks” to all those who made the whole event such a positive and professional experience. For a 77 year old who hasn’t been in hospital since having my tonsils out at age 8, needless to say I was somewhat apprehensive and quite skeptical about the episode before me. Well as it turned out, my fears were completely unwarranted as everything from the pre-op seminar, to the surgery itself, to the post-op rehabilitation went smoothly and proficiently. Dr. Alan Baggoo and his team were most impressive with their skills and compassion. The post-op care with nurses Kevin, Lisa, James, and their associates made me feel about as good as one can get under the circumstances and the follow up at rehab with Geraldine and her colleagues made that part of the exercise fun but also very effective/ If there was ever a doubt about our family’s commitment and support for the hospital and the Foundation, it was eliminated pretty quickly. Congratulations and my heartfelt thanks to everyone involved.”
~ Barrie C.

“Dec. 9th, 2016 marked the first anniversary of the first of two surgeries I had at Lions Gate Hospital during the past year and now I am all healed up and feeling better than ever. I would like to convey my sincere thanks not only to Dr. Aslani and her wonderful surgical team and the incredible nursing staff but also to those in radiology, the lab technicians who manage to get blood out of a stone, the clean-up and catering staff and the amazing porters who manoeuvre one swiftly and safely through the labyrinth of corridors. I inevitably have omitted others so I just say a very big thank you to everyone at LGH – you are all amazing and we are truly blessed to have such a wonderful facility with such caring staff right here in North Vancouver.”
~ Tony K.

“I would like to thank all the kind doctors and personnel of the Cardiac Care Unit on the second floor of Lions Gate Hospital for the great professionalism and compassion they showed in the care of my late husband Edgar Elwes. I would especially like to thank nurses Brenda McKay, Journey, Jee Lee, Pete, and Sam for their great kindness.”
~ Marcela E.

“I was at the ER recently and just have to say how amazing the staff is. From the lady at the first sign in and the two that took all of my information, to the doctor and the ultrasound technicians who were super nice, the staff was all fantastic. I went in for a possible DVT and everyone was so professional and nice (so hard to find these days!). I was there for 5 house and lots of ambulances came through and the staff that brought them in and stayed with the patients also deserve a mention. They made the patients a priority and were also super professional. Keep it up with awesome staff!!! Thanks again to everyone there.”
~ Lisa W.

“I didn’t have one moment of anxiety (which is amazing for a mother of a newborn!) or one need that was unmet. I’ve given birth in two other expensive world-class private facilities and this was my best experience yet. The nurses at LGH made all the difference.”
~ Amie C.

“Thank you to the helpful staff who took good care of me when I broke my arm and was in hospital earlier this year.”
~ Teresa J.

“Thank you for helping my Papa through cancer. You’re a miracle which is why I did a charity party for cancer. I hope you like the money. My Papa is super healthy and I only have you to thank.”
~ Isabelle L.

“I had a recent visit to the Emergency Department. I was very fortunate to have two very professional, caring, attentive physicians caring for me. I was really touched by their compassion…Thank you to both these physicians and the other staff in Emergency.”
~ Cathy D.

“LGH is a personal and friendly place… it was mostly children visits for many years, now in my early 80’s, I just had a second hip replacement after two knee replacements. Good physio, outstanding surgeons – keep it up!”
~ Gretchen M.

“Kyle was hit by a car in September. It was a bit scary for a few minutes there, but it was very comforting to know that we have such an amazing emergency ward at Lions Gate Hospital.”
~ Wade B.

“Yesterday I visited your facility for a colonoscopy. I want to thank each of the staff who made me comfortable and explained the procedure which removed any concerns I might have had. While living overseas I had this procedure and the contrast in explanation, care and attention was noticeable. You were wonderful!”
~ Gary H.

“The Hospice felt like home rather than a hospital and my best friend’s last few days were peaceful and dignified.”
~ Gerry B.

“Our sincere thanks to the team of devoted and caring nurses and doctors who touched our hearts deeply when our family was at pretty low points. They have put our sons back on track with hopes of carrying on with their dreams.”
~ Joe & May W.

“Whilst on vacation, I sustained a major abdominal injury due to a mountain biking accident at Whistler. I underwent a bowel resection followed by 10 days recovery on the ward. During this time I received attentive, professional and sympathetic care by all the nursing staff and regular visits and updates from the physicians. I am pleased to say that I am continuing to recover slowly at home in the UK, and although my vacation did not turn out as expected , I have gone away with some very positive memories about my time in Lions Gate Hospital.”
~ Jon S.