Foundry North Shore

Foundry North Shore provides hope, help and support for young people in our community.

For the first time, youth and young people, aged 12-24, have local access to primary medical care and a range of social services in one centralized location.

The storefront at 211 West 1st Street, provides resources, information and services including mental health care, substance use services, housing and education information and peer and family support.

Foundry North Shore it part of a provincial-wide network of centres created to improve the support available for young people in need who traditionally struggled to access scattered services as they navigated the challenges of life.

With these core support services now available in one place, health and social service professionals can provide practical help and therapeutic interventions for young people during a critical phase of their lives.

Whether dealing with mental health issues, addiction, social and family challenges or medical problems, Foundry North Shore will provide a safe, professional and friendly environment in which young people can seek the help they need to build a healthier and brighter future.

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