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Our Vision

To bring transformational care to Lions Gate Hospital by building a new state-of-the-art Medical & Surgical Centre.

Lions Gate Hospital Foundation is committed to raising $100 million of the estimated $200 million cost to build a new Medical & Surgical Centre at LGH. This once-in-a-generation project will bring 21st Century Care to Lions Gate Hospital now and well into the future.


Preparation work is already underway for this new high-tech facility. Dr. Ross Brown, co-senior medical director at Lions Gate Hospital and a trauma and general surgeon explains why now is the time to start building for the future.

Why do we need a new Medical & Surgical Centre?

Dr. Brown: The current acute care tower is more than 50 years old and there are so many issues with old infrastructure. You can only keep pouring money in just to optimize an old building [so long] before you say it is time to do something different.

How does the current tower make it difficult to deliver best patient care?

Dr. Brown: Our wards are definitely a challenge right now. They are very small, with four [beds] to a room and they are overcrowded. It is difficult to maintain optimal infection control with cramped rooms and shared bathrooms.

It is uncomfortable for staff too. There is a lack of space for them to carry out their caregiving duties and have easy access for the technology they need.

Our operating rooms are also pretty archaic. As surgery and techniques have changed over the years, most of our operating facilities have not moved fast enough with the times.

Does the North Shore need such a sophisticated new facility?

Dr. Brown: LGH is such an important part of the VCH Coastal Community of Care. Not only does this campus serve the entire North Shore but it is the hub with the spokes going up the Sea-to-Sky corridor and the surrounding First Nation communities, out to the Sunshine Coast, up to Powell River and out to towns such as Bella Bella and Bella Coola on the Central Coast.

We have an obligation to support those rural and remote sites and that is another reason to make this hub state-of-the-art optimal.

Project highlights

  • Single patient rooms with ensuite bathrooms
  • Patient tracking technology
  • More natural daylight to enhance the therapeutic healing environment
  • State-of-the-art operating rooms
  • Additional recovery rooms

What will be the biggest difference for patients?

Dr. Brown: The healing environment is a critical part of the patient experience and the new tower will go a long way to getting patients into a better environment for their recovery. It will definitely have what is considered best practice for patient rooms. Single rooms will be quieter and provide more privacy and infection control measures will be strengthened.

When you are in a multi-patient room with someone who has an infection in their gut, for example, despite our best efforts, everyone else in the room is at increased risk. Also, having a sink in every room and having individual bathrooms allows us to provide optimal infectious control measures. That is a big issue for everyone.

The HOpe Centre showed [that] when you have a really great environment, really designed for patient care, people don’t stay as long. They have fewer complications. You can provide an environment where they are going to recover quickly and that’s going to be the blueprint for the Medical & Surgical Centre.

What type of technology upgrades can we expect?

Dr. Brown: Patients don’t necessarily need a robot in every room but there is definitely a need for lots of computer workstations so that staff can seamlessly complete their caregiving work and then move and do their online work without causing delays. Not only will staff have space to keep their electronic charts within reach, they will be able to come in, keep track of what’s going on with a patient in an environment that is comfortable and safe.

What about new medical equipment?

Dr. Brown: The operating rooms will become high-resource environments with inter-operative imaging. Currently, if a patient comes in who has been hit by a car and has multiple fractures, they will have CT scans, angiograms, etc., in the Emergency Department before they reach surgery.

But with the new, larger operating rooms, medical staff will have the space to use portable imaging devices to get up-to-the-minute images as they do the surgery.

Why do you need our community to actively support the Medical & Surgical Centre?

Dr. Brown: We know from past experience that we couldn’t do this if it wasn’t for the Foundation. Thanks to the Paul Myers donation, the Foundation was able to formulate a plan that works for our site and our community. Now we need the community to help us reach that $100-million goal. This is an historic campaign and we are almost two thirds of the way to our goal. It is exciting to think that the Medical & Surgical Centre could be operational in just five years. Without this campaign, we could be waiting a lot longer to get a facility of this standard.


“This is our community and for this project to succeed everybody has to be involved.” 

Dr. Ross Brown, Co-Senior Medical Director, Trauma & General Surgeon, Lions Gate Hospital



“I’ve seen firsthand how the infrastructure and design of the aging Acute Tower are impacting medical staff’s ability to deliver quality patient care.

[This] … is a pivotal moment in our hospital’s history. With the backing of our politicians, our business leaders and our community, we can also make it our greatest legacy in support of excellence in health care.”

Ryan Beedie, Chair – LGH Campaign, President – Beedie Development Group

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