Nuclear Medicine Matching Campaign – Completed

Once again, together we have made a difference. Thanks to our dedicated donors, coupled with the generosity of Dr. Philip Cohen, the Foundation completed its $1.5 million Nuclear Medicine Campaign to bring two new SPECT/CT gamma cameras to our Nuclear Medicine Department.

The new gamma cameras, which arrived late summer 2015, give doctors at LGH access to 3D images of unprecedented detail and precision, allowing for faster, more accurate diagnoses of everything from heart disease and diabetic complications to cancer, bone injuries and osteoporosis. The faster cameras also allow the department to serve an additional 600 patients each year, bringing the annual total to almost 10,000 scans.

Dr. Philip Cohen, clinical director of Nuclear Medicine, generously matched every donation to the campaign dollar for dollar, effectively doubling the donations of the more than 1,700 businesses and individuals who supported the cause. In addition to this incredible gift, Dr. Cohen has made several other gifts totaling over a million dollars. In honour of this, the nuclear medicine centre has been named The Dr. Philip Cohen Nuclear Medicine Centre.

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