North Shore Hospice Expansion Campaign – Completed

Thanks to generous donors throughout our community, the North Shore Hospice Expansion Campaign was able to raise $2.364 million to expand our Hospice into a hub for palliative care services, but the need continues. Please consider supporting our Hospice so we can continue to cover ongoing costs of running our Palliative Outpatient Clinic.

Palliative Outpatient Clinic

The new hub will provide space for the palliative care team to offer quality of life and medical services for patients living at home and their families. The team will be able to serve more patients and connect with them earlier in their end-of-life journey. The hub will providing patients with convenient, rapid access to a palliative care doctor – a much-needed alternative to waiting for an appointment at a busy family practice clinic or visiting the Emergency Department. The new Outpatient Clinic will also provide the capability for North Shore palliative doctors to extend their reach via video link to ‘see’ patients living on the Sunshine Coast and up the Sea-to-Sky Corridor.

The hub will also include the Every Day Counts Centre, a permanent home for the Every Day Counts Program, one of the most beneficial and transformative programs available to patients with life-limiting illness on the North Shore. Currently, the program operates from a variety of locations, including a small multi-purpose room here, the gym at Lions Gate Hospital and a local church. Every Day Counts addresses all aspects of a patient’s quality of life that are not medical and offers one-on-one counselling, yoga, music therapy, relaxation sessions, information about navigating the health care system and more.

Architect's rendering of the planned expansion

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Research suggests that about 80 per cent of people who die would benefit from palliative care. On the North Shore close to 1,300 deaths occur each year. To help 80 per cent of people the palliative care team needs to connect with more than 1,000 patients and families and as the baby boomers age, the need is expected to grow. Currently the team is connecting with about 800 people annually.

LGH Foundation photo paul nov 10-16 LGH Foundation president Judy Savage, North Shore Hospice medical director Dr. Peter Edmunds and Jo-Ann Wood , chair of North Shore Hospice Society.

Dr. Peter Edmunds

“We want to get our arms around patients and their families, their doctors, everybody. If we really get this right, over the coming years we won’t have a dichotomy between palliative care, hospice care, end-of-life care and normal care. It’ll be part of the same continuum. It will be what you need at the end of life.” –Dr. Peter Edmunds | VCH Coastal Co-Senior Medical Director, Regional Medical Director, Palliative Care


Why Every Day Counts

Research shows that non-medical supports, like the ones offered in the Every Day Counts program, can have a profound impact on a person’s quality of life. In a major study in the U.S. involving patients with an aggressive form of cancer, the group that received both palliative care (counselling, relaxation, information services, etc.) and medical care lived longer than the group that received medical care alone. Findings showed this was largely because they made better choices, like not taking additional non-beneficial chemotherapy and spending the time they did have with their loved ones.

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The North Shore Hospice & Palliative Project

The North Shore Hospice Society (NSHS) and Lions Gate Hospital Foundation (LGHF) are working together, with the support of Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH-Coastal), as The North Shore Hospice & Palliative Project to support the ongoing expansion and enhancement of palliative and hospice services on the North Shore. We help patients live life to the fullest by purchasing much-needed equipment and comfort items at the North Shore Hospice and on 7W – the inpatient palliative unit at Lions Gate Hospital. We also work hard to support and enhance the Every Day Counts Program which enables people to realize their best possibly quality of life, even while they are ill.


Jo-Anne Wood

“While you may be diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, you still have some living to do, and nobody knows how long that’s going to be, but we want to try to make that time that’s left count and be a positive experience.” Jo-Ann Wood | Chair, North Shore Palliative & Hospice Project

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With your help, we can expand the North Shore Hospice into a hub for palliative care services and meet the growing need for end-of-life care. Please give generously to our North Shore Hospice Expansion Campaign.

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