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Change is coming to Lions Gate Hospital!

Outpatient Care Centre

More than 20,000 people a year receive vital health services in the Outpatient Care Centre. This centre, located adjacent to the Atrium at the East 15th Street entrance to LGH, houses six critical outpatient programs, including the:

Pre-Surgical Screening Unit

Of the more than 15,600 surgeries performed at LGH each year, more than 8,000 of these surgical patients are seen in the Pre-Surgical Screening Unit. This unit is critical to patient health and safety.

Joint Replacement Access Clinic (JRAC)

LGH is a national leader in joint replacement surgeries. Last year more than 1,100 people were seen in the JRAC. To date, more than 8,000 joint replacement surgeries have been performed in the JRAC, restoring previously disabled citizens to a full, happy and active life.

Rapid Access Spinal Clinic (RASC)

A vital referral centre for patients suffering acute and chronic back pain, the clinic sees 50 patients a week. Last year, 2,216 people were seen in the RASC.

Our Need

Forty years ago, none of the services housed in the Outpatient Care Centre existed. It was only as these clinics evolved that LGH developed a way to adapt existing spaces to this purpose. The increase in demand for these vital services pushed the facility beyond capacity.

“Our focus is very much on improving the patient’s sense of being taken care of in a dignified manner with the least amount of stress possible” Dr. Adam McDiarmid

Our Plans

Currently, the Outpatient Care Centre is under construction and will include:
Patient-Focused Experience. The plan is to create a purpose-built centre featuring double the number of consultation rooms where staff will bring their patients, and where the various medical team members – e.g., lab technician, ECG, anesthesiologist, pharmacist, occupational therapist and physiotherapist – will then go to the patients to provide service. This patient-centred workflow will dramatically reduce the stress on patients and the time they spend in hospital.
Physical Expansion of the area will provide the additional area needed for a larger, more functional centre.
Custom Designed Layout that addresses the needs of both patients and staff, including larger consultation rooms and common areas, will improve comfort and access as well as privacy for patients.
A Central Reception Area will be created to consolidate services (such as admissions). This will help eliminate patient stress and confusion about where to go and improve patient flow through the clinics.
Double the Number of Consultation Rooms will be created to not only facilitate more patient comfort and privacy, but also to better accommodate patients with mobility issues and those who use wheelchairs.
The Atrium Lobby will be new and improved with more natural light, open space, and seating areas. It will also feature a redeveloped entry vestibule, better wayfinding, and updated cafeteria and café.

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