Fluoroscopy Campaign – Completed

Thanks to generous donors throughout our community, the Fluoroscopy Campaign was able to raise over $1.125M to purchase a new dual fluoroscopy/X-ray unit that will increase our X-ray capacity and dramatically reduce wait times for our patients and speed up diagnoses. Replacing the nearly obsolete 18-year-old fluoroscopy unit and replacing it with a new state-of-the-art machine that has additional X-ray capacity will allow the imaging department to do more chest X-rays from Emergency, and more bone X-rays from the Cast Clinic to relieve the backlog in both areas. The new fluoroscopy unit is expected to arrive at LGH in Fall 2017.


Dr. Kevin Rowan, head of Diagnostic Imaging

“Replacing our outdated fluoroscopy machine with a new dual unit will not only allow us to improve our fluoroscopy service with higher quality images, but it will also enable us to increase patient throughput by performing X-rays and improving efficiency,” says Dr. Kevin Rowan, head of LGH Diagnostic Imaging. “This will have a tremendous impact on speeding patient access to imaging and reducing wait times.”

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