Patient Testimonial – Kourtney Harper

May 16, 2016

On a ski trip to Whistler, Kourtney Harper from London, England found herself in an unpleasant situation – she had been injured on the mountain. Her journey back to health included the aid of Whistler Blackcomb Ski Patrol, Whistler Health Center, as well as Lions Gate Hospital. After receiving such great care, Kourtney wrote a comic about her trip.

Kourtney says “people ask me, ‘What was the Canadian health system like?’, but I didn’t meet the system, I met people, who took very good care of me, who treated me as a person not an injury, and who were my teammates on the journey back to fitness. When people ask me that question, I tell them about my fantastic doctor who shared a laugh with me when I was scared, or the shy EMT who chatted with me for two hours in the ambulance to keep me from getting travel sick, or the trauma nurses who brought my husband a snack when they realized he’d had nothing to eat, or the nurse who offered me his lunch when the hospital meal service overlooked me… I tell them how well they listened to me and healed me. I’d like to go back and hug each one of them, but I get the feeling that their ‘special’ treatment wasn’t all that special. It’s what they do, every day. It’s what they are, every day. They will be in my heart […] forever.”

Read the comic of her journey here: The Pen Is Mightier Than The Ski Pole

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