Health Care Hero – Moi Tan

My family immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 1980 from a tiny nation called Brunei situated on the Island of Borneo. I went to Reading in the UK back in 1988 to study my RN and Midwifery training at Royal Berkshire Hospital graduated as a Registered Midwife in 1992 and soon after worked as a community midwife in Reading for a year before finally returning to Vancouver in 1993.

I had chosen midwifery as a profession after being with midwives who inspired me of what they do everyday advocating and promoting women’s health especially before, during and after their pregnancy plus their dedication in educating and promoting the importance of breastfeeding for moms and babies in their care.

I began my nursing career at St.Paul’s hospital in Labour & Delivery in 1994 and followed by Family Birthing Unit at Surrey. Spring of 2004 I started working at LGH after calling North Vancouver my home.

I most enjoyed at working on 3 West caring for moms and babies and ensuring that breastfeeding and parenting support and education are shared with them so that new parents can go home more confident and ready to care for their newborns.

What I find challenging in my job is learning to care for overflow medical and surgical patients from other wards or ER. Also in May this year LGH had introduced computerized patient charting system and needless to say it had been a huge learning curve for me but on a positive note the new approach hopefully will and can ultimately improve patient care and it’s delivery into the future.

However new challenges often can be rewarding as well where patients openly showing gratitude and appreciation of the wonderful and compassionate care they receive from our hard working and amazing team of nurses and doctors as well as others multidisciplinary team at LGH

I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful team and am feeling so honoured to be named HCH by one of my patient and happy to have helped with the donations received which will go towards the funding of our new hospital.

Moi Tan
RN 3 West

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