Health Care Hero Boti Pilbart

Why do you love nursing?

I had the opportunity to volunteer with special needs children and they opened the door to new possibilities. Becoming a nurse, I feel that I am a better person and I have a better understanding of my family, friends and co-workers. Also, through my training I became to appreciate more the differences in people and what each individual brings to the table. I believe we are happier and stronger as a result. I started my nursing on 7 East 12 years ago, from which 7 years I spent in Penticton and Oliver Hospital. My favorite part is when I am able to make a difference and put a smile on our patients and their loved ones.

My favorite story: While working in an extended care one of the residents started to deteriorate and her family was notified. Once the family arrived ( big family) I was told that there is another brother, who also was notified but they are afraid of him as the last time the family got together it ended up with the RCMP.

I reassured them, however they remained very scared and questioning me if it’s a good idea to let the brother visit. Once the brother ( son of the resident) arrived, I explained the expectations of IH policy and the importance to be respectful towards the others especially family members. Shortly after, I was called in to assess the resident, but she just passed away peacefully in everyone’s presence. I told the grieving family that their mother was waiting for this moment and passed away peacefully knowing that the boys are again together in peace. This was the moment when everyone hugged each other and there was a sense of relief on their face. The family left the care facility in harmony and they returned the following day being very thankful the way the case was handled.

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You can recognize your hero by making a donation in a staff member’s honour and say thank you for the important work and care that was provided. Your hero will receive a special Health Care Hero pin and letter of thanks for a job well done from Lions Gate Hospital Foundation.

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