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Meet Margaret Ray

There really is no greater gift than giving of yourself – your time, your love, your passion and your caring. In this, Margaret Ray, a member of the Lions Gate Hospital Auxiliary for 54 years, is an inspiration to us all.

Heritage Office Furnishings Supports LGH NOW

We’d like to extend a big thank you to Heritage Office Furnishings, who has donated $8,000 in support of our LGH NOW Campaign.

Help Us Thank Paul Myers!

Help us thank Mr. Paul Myers for his exceptionally generous gift to Lions Gate Hospital!

North Shore resident gifts record $25 million to Lions Gate Hospital

The redevelopment of Lions Gate Hospital has received a boost thanks to longtime North Shore resident and local entrepreneur, Paul Myers, who today, has donated $25 million to Lions Gate Hospital Foundation. This incredible donation will go towards a new patient facility and future redevelopment of the Lions Gate Hospital site.

Giving Back to LGH

Ed Kry can’t imagine his life without the comforting presence of Lions Gate Hospital. Born and raised on the North Shore, Kry remembers more than one occasion where he was “patched up” at the hospital, not to mention a lengthy stay when he was in his mid teens after being diagnosed with a peptic ulcer. “Too many pepperoni pizzas perhaps,” he chuckles.

Remembering Bruce Ambrose

While Lions Gate Hospital is very much a community hospital, it often touches the lives of people beyond the North Shore. Bruce Ambrose was one of those people.