Donate Art

Research shows that art can help create a healing environment and improve patient outcome. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, and lower blood pressure. It can increase patients’ trust and confidence, and it can be a positive distraction for patients, their families, staff and visitors.

Through our Art Program, we aim to humanize every wall of the Hospital and use the healing power of art to create a calming, therapeutic environment throughout the LGH campus. The end goal is enhanced patient care – the primary objective of the Foundation.


A key component of the Program is the use of art to create a beautiful, welcoming environment in the new Greta and Robert H. N. Ho Psychiatry and Education Centre (The HOpe Centre) and help reduce the stigma around mental illness. Art Therapy is an integral part of the Centre’s mental wellness program. Client art produced in the art therapy workshop will also be displayed on the walls of this innovative new facility.

Our collection of more than 250 paintings includes works from many local artists such as Ross Penhall, Bobbie Burgers and Cori Creed. It can currently be seen on the walls of Evergreen House, the North Shore Hospice, the Hospital and the newly opened HOpe Center. Our plan is to expand the collection to include sculptures, photography and three-dimensional art. Some of our newest acquisitions are featured in the high traffic hallway connecting the main Hospital lobby to the acute care tower. This is known as the ‘Art Walk’. The works shown here will change over time as they are relocated throughout the campus. Please stop by and have a look at what’s currently on display.

Take a look at a selection of art we currently have on display here.

Ways to Give

  • Artists can donate their work.
  • Donors can donate art from their private collection or purchase art for donation.
  • Donors can contribute to the Art Program and help fund maintenance and other costs associated with the collection.

How to Submit Art

  • Email a photo of the piece of art to Joanne McLellan, Director of Planned Giving, Please include a description, dimensions, plus a brief resume of the artist and his/her exhibition history. All works submitted will be subject to review by our Art Program Committee.
  • For donors seeking a tax receipt, an appraisal by a member of the Professional Art Dealers Association and/or a reputable art gallery that has experience with the type of art being offered is required. Tax receipts will be issued in accordance with the Foundation’s Gift-in-Kind Policies (authenticated fair market value) and CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) regulations.
  • For accepted art, donors will be asked to assume the cost of transporting it to Lions Gate Hospital Foundation and for framing as required.

If you have any questions or would like more information about our Art Program, please contact:

Joanne B&W-5 Joanne McLellan
Director of Planned Giving
Phone: 604-904-3553