fundraising priorities

Your investment in Lions Gate Hospital Foundation helps to bring leading diagnostic and treatment tools to our hospital. An accurate and quick diagnosis and treatment can make the difference between life and death.

Here are some urgently needed equipment items:

Equipment Amount
Patient monitoring system (PAR) $500,000
Patient monitoring system (NICU) $200,000
Electronic charting (Labour & Delivery) $150,000
Anaesthesia machine (OR) $130,000
Surgical video system (OR) $100,000
Dialysis machine (ICU) $80,000
Ventilator (ICU) $60,000
Table/bed (OR) $40,000
Tissue embedding station (Lab) $35,000
Nerve Integrity Monitoring System (OR) $30,000
BiPAP ventilator (ICU) $25,000
Patient cardiac monitor (NICU) $25,000
ICU/Cardiac bed (ICU & 2West) $24,000
Bladder scanner (ER) $20,000
Wheelchair washer $10,000
Hospital bed (Site Wide) $7,500
Stretcher (Site Wide) $6,000
Headlamp light source (ER) $5,000
Extended care bed (Evergreen) $5,000
Vital signs monitor (Site Wide) $3,500
Syringe pump (Paeds & NICU) $3,000
Breast pump (Paeds & Maternity) $2,500
Bilirubin skin tester (NICU) $1,500
Fetal doppler (Labour & Delivery) $1,000
Oxygen monitor (Labour & Delivery, NICU) $1,000
Oxygen concentrator (Evergreen) $1,000
Otoscope/Opthalmoscope (Site Wide) $1,000
Pulse oximeter (Site Wide) $800
Thermometer (Site Wide) $400


Donor support makes a world of difference and helps Lions Gate Hospital Foundation purchase equipment big and small. Equipment purchases continue to help bring leading diagnostic and medical tools to our hospital. Here are some of the smaller pieces of equipment that we have purchased in the last few months:

Bedding, Linen, Fall Mats Hospice $1,600
Musical Instrument WV Adult Day Centre $725
Laryngoscope blades for Crash Carts Pediatrics $1,400
Vacuum bottle brackets Emergency Services $2,400
Pediatric Wheel Chair Pediatrics $2,600
Microwave for patients Margaret Fulton Centre $146
Scale for Asthma Clinic Room Home Care Support $1,250
Pediatic Crash Carts Home Care Support $5,300

Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact:

  Louise Campbell
Director, Donor Relations
Phone: 604-904-3561